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The Lion Tunes #4

Welcome to another edition of The Lion’s Tunes.

At the suggestion of a close friend, I decided to put my love of music to good use.

She pointed out to me that since I love music and listen to so much of it, I should share what songs I’m currently jamming to.

If I can sum up this week’s collection of music it would have to be sensual, sexy and basically if you had to analyse what all of these says about me, it would be that I need to get some.

If you follow me on twitter then you’d know I usually tweet about what music has got me all caught up and catching feelings.

I’m by no means a music expert and I won’t pretend to be. Most of what will be written here is information I’ve learned on the net and just my personal opinions on the songs. So have at it...

·         Song: Wilderness
Artist: Nick Jonas

Let’s be serious about life, we all knew that Nick Jonas was going to be the most successful Jonas Brother. He always had that “It” factor. He has been making a lot of waves recently with his new RnB sound and I must say, this sexy hot white guy got soul. Like Robin Thicke (the early 2000s version) and Justin Timberlake before him, Nick has proven that when you got it, you got it.

Also it does help that he has this relaunch of his brand where he showed us how much of a “big boy” he was with his photoshoot and the tribute to those Marky-Mark (Mark Wahlberg) photos.

Sidenote: He also proved he is quite the triple threat in his TV show “Kingdom” (which each and everyone should be watching because it’s a damn superb show about MMA fighting)

His songs “Jealous” and “Chains” have showed just how grown up and talented he truly is. Mentioning that he was inspired by his relationship with former Miss Universe winner Olivia Copeland, you can see that his music has only benefited from the relationship so good on him. I am truly excited for wherever Nick Jonas goes next if this new sound of his is the direction he continues in.

·         Song:  Do Not Disturb
Artist: Teyana Taylor ft Chris Brown

Apparently I need to get laid if my first two songs selections are indicative of anything but I digress.

I love this song, sure it does give off the “sex background” music vibe but it’s a damn good song. Good RnB can make you fall in love with sex songs and just not care about what you’re singing because it’s just so good. This song by newcomer Teyana Taylor is such a song, and again while Chris Brown may be ubiquitous in terms of pop music these days – largely due to his probation that kept him Los Angeles bound, he does add to the song instead of detracting from it. It’s so good and sensual.  You’ll be singing “please don’t disturb” and you wouldn’t want to be either when listening to this great song.

·         Song: When It’s Alright
Artist: Juun ft Sam Smith

I expected something with heavy vocals from Sam Smith when I heard about this song, and so I was disappointed when I heard the song because it wasn’t the soaring Sam Smith vocals Ii expected but the song is still great.

I still can’t decide if it is Sam Smith singing or he just supports vocals for the “I give my life to you” because if it his then I’m impressed – he certainly has a different dimension to his voice. The song is still a great dance song. It has that retro vibe to it, I feel like the song would be a hit in Galaxy (which is a local club where lots of people enjoy the old school soulful music vibes).

·         Song: Electric Love
Artist: Børns
EP: Candy

If Mikky Ekko and Mika had a child together then Børns would be it - which is impossible since they are both dudes but granted they seem like the type to be the first to achieve such a thing. Børns (also spelled Borns) is an unusual artist but his music works. His originality is very apparent and it makes him the better for it. His song “Electric Love” has a bit of that 80’s feel to it but so cool.

Additional Mention: Borns – 1000 Emerald Pools

·         Song: All of You
Artist: Betty Who

I first heard of Betty Who when a lovely guy on twitter (@HeyRynhardt) introduced me to her. He told I should go give her song “Better” a listen, and I did so with an open mind. It was slow and emotional but so very cool. It speaks to having that person who just makes your day better after you feel particularly shit.

The song “All of You” speaks to that theme of love but does it in an opposite way to “Better”. I love how much more upbeat the song is and it’s just a great song. I thoroughly enjoyed the music video and it quickly had me singing along to the song so if you got the time go give some Youtubing.

·         Song: Hey Mama
Artist:  David Guetta & Afrojack ft. Nicki Minaj
Album: Listen

I heard this song when I was on Instagram and Nicki Minaj instagrammed a bit of it. I went in search of the full thing it is truly great. I don’t usually include a lot of commercial EDM music on here but that is because the radio stations tend to murder them to death, but this song hasn’t been picked up yet as much. I really like it so don’t be scared to give it a listen.
I think it’s pretty cool that two big EDMs got together for this track – of course it doesn’t hurt that Rap slayer Nicki Minaj does her thing on the track, just adding to it.

The Covers, the Remixes and the Oldies:
There might not always be this section within future posts but I thought I would add it in this one nonetheless. These songs aren’t new (and may or may not exactly be well known) but yet are still banging. I also decided to add in a few covers as well that I have loved.

·         Song: 'Little Jinder - Youth Blood'
Artist: 12th Planet and Flinch Remix

I heard this song when I colleague suggested it. We were busy working and to help us I decided Youtubing some background music would be fun. I played everyone some of the tracks I been jamming the others did the same (of course there had to be that one person who threw in a 80’s track because they think those were the glory days of music) but then another gave this song. I really enjoyed it which is why you are now reading about it now.

·         Song: Drunk in Love
Artist: Katy B (Rinse Sessions X Metropolis)

I had no clue what to think when I heard that British singer Katy B did a cover of Drunk in Love by Beyonce... and if im being honest, I love it more than Queen B’s version (just don’t tell the Bey Agency I said that).

It’s slower and sultrier, adding some soul to a pop song. In some ways she made the song more sensual, like background sex music that just makes you want to thrust in rhythm or  if you’re in a club grinding sensually up against something (or someone);  which if you knew me, you’d know how funny that sentence is coming from me –but I digress.

It’s a great cover and I like it.

·         Song:  Sugar
Artist: Marron 5 ft Nicki Minaj

Was this remix of the song featuring Nicki Minaj really necessary? Probably not. Will it change your life hearing it? Probably Not. Is it different enough that you’ll enjoy, but still similar enough to have the same spunk of the original? ABSO-FRIKKEN-LUTELY.

I really like what Nicki Minaj adds. I thought their collab would be something less of a tag on but it’s not, and I really don’t mind. Nicki does her thing while Adam and the boys do their thing and it’s a lovely version nonetheless.

·         Song: Chandelier - Acoustic
Artist: Sia

Listen, it’s pretty obvious that Sia has one heck of a voice on her, but you truly can just not realise the full power and talent this woman has because of the nature of pop music to dull even the most talented of voices.

Please do yourself a favour and give a listen to the piano cover of Chandelier that Sia did. It is on Youtube if you need to find it because my goodness. I got goosebumps listening to her. You become soo spellbound and entranced by all the little idiosyncracies her voice has. She doesn’t hold back and you truly hear how talented she is with the piano there to show you the keys but her voice telling you the story.

Additional Mention: “Titanium”

The versions of Titanium that are online vary in video quality because she performed them at intimate events but my good, if there is anything consistent in the videos it is that Sia’s voice is no joke. She takes the monster banger she did with David Guetta that had everyone singing along to, and schools you in how to truly sing it.

·         Song: No Angels
Artist: Bastille ft Ella Eyre

“No Angels” is a cover of TLC’s “Scrubs”.

There should be no way that this cover works, really but it does and it made me love Bastille all the more for it. Dan’s voice on the song just works so well. Also it did make me hope that he was gay because he sings it so convincingly that it made me feel like I would stand a chance to be better than the fictional Scrub he sings about.
Did that make sense? I might have gone on a tangent there. Oh well.

The song works so well too because there are so big changes done to the song. Adding in bits of movie lines from “Psycho” and the use of singer Ella Eyre on the song just adds to it and give it that Bastille flavour. They reinvent the song while still honouring the original and its message.

Additional Mention: Brit Award.

At the 2014 Brit Awards Bastille, Rudimentals and Ella Eyre ended up doing a mash-up of Pompeii and Waiting All Night. I came across it when randomly Youtubing and boy do I wish I was there. It was such a great mash up, and also you need to see the video for Dan’s dancing.

·         Song: Home
Artist: Daughter

I heard this song on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy early last year (yes, I like Grey’s Anatomy), and it was during a very emotional part (which is like every 5 seconds in that show) but the song just connected with me and so I hunted for it.

I am so glad I found it because it is a truly wonderful song. It introduced me to who Daughter is, and I grew to really like her music. There is something truly haunting about it and it just work so well.

“I was drunk again, causing accidents.
Oh you’re not a friend, no you’re nothing.
I think I should be a little more confident
In myself,
In my skin.

Take me, take me... Home... home.”

Additional Mention: “Get Lucky”

If you have not heard her cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” then I can’t even with you :P.
She gives the upbeat song her own spin and it’s just as great as the original. I love it.

And that’s it folks.

I’m aware that the tunes aren’t exactly big club dance tracks but I’m proud of myself for those I managed to find and include. I promise to keep an ear out for anything else.

If you have any suggestions don’t be scared to let me know in the comments below.

All tracks are available on iTunes. I think.

Theo. Over and Out.

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