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The Lion's Tunes #10

Welcome to another edition of The Lion’s Tunes.

At the suggestion of a close friend, I decided to put my love of music to good use.

She pointed out to me that since I love music and listen to so much of it, I should share what songs I’m currently jamming to at the moment.

If you follow me on twitter then you’d know I usually tweet about what music has got me all caught up and catching feelings. 

It's been a while since I posted the last one, because being a working adult is hard, but regardless I have managed to finish another one.

I’m by no means a music expert and I won’t pretend to be. Most of what will be written here is information I’ve learned on the net and just my personal opinions on the songs. So have at it.
  • Song:  L.A Devotee
         Artist: Panic at the Disco

Panic at the Disco is always a band that I love whenever I hear a song of their but I unfortunately don’t get to spend as much time searching out their stuff. Interesting fact about their latest album is that most of the guys decided to leave but front man, Brendon Urie, wasn’t ready to give up on the PATD, so he didn’t.

While I am not one to give judgement on how good/bad the new album is versus that of their older material. I do love Brendon Urie because he just seems like such a cool and down to earth guy who loves getting shirtless.

“L.A Devotee” didn’t exactly register with me the first time I heard it...after numerous time of listening the song it has grown on me, I really love the upbeat vibe. Also no one can deny that Urie can sing. I thoroughly enjoy the song.

The key change gives me chills...because he is seducing you into it.

Just another L.A Devotee... 
just another, just another-ru-oh
Just another, just another-ru-oh
Just another, just another-ru-oh
Just another L.A Devotee...”

Bonus: Victorious

This song is actually the latest single from the latest PATD album, it has already been playlisted on a few radio stations in South Africa.

What I love about the song is how theatrically epic and how it has this dirty operatic feel to it...

My touch is black and poisonous,
And nothing like my punch drunk kiss
I know you need it, do you feel it
Drink the water and drink the wine

  • Song:  Coldplay ft Beyonce
Artist: Hymn for the Weekend

I was always obsessed with the song since the album came out, I haven’t even heard the rest of the album other than what was released, but I came across this song on tumblr. (Thank you Tumblr people for posting new music).

My love for it died down a bit because as much as I loved it, not enough people were talking about it so I just relaxed into enjoying the song on my own.
Thank heavens Coldplay released the song as a single with an amazing music video, because it is just a eye fest of colour and so stunning.

I love how Beyonce and Chris Martin’s voices complement each other. When I first heard the song I thought there was too little Beyonce but I have grown to realise that there is just the right amount of Queen B while still keeping it as a Coldplay song. This is a perfect Hymn for the Weekend...

“I am feeling drunk and high...”

BONUS: Formation  - Beyonce

Regardless of whether you like Beyonce or not, she has gotten everyone talking following the release of her new song (and world tour) by releasing a politically/culturally/historically charged video in Formation

  • Song:  Pillowtalk
Artist: Zayn

I feel like we can all agree that we were surprised when former One Direction member Zayn dropped his first ever solo single and it turned out to be as good as it was. He silenced the critics with his talent by producing such a good song, and earning new fans in the process. He might suffer from douche-bag personality syndrome, but that is nothing a good PR team can't fix.

  • Song:  Daddy Issues
Artist: The Neighbourhood

My love for The Neighbourhood still persists, I might not love all of their music, but they still keep me coming back for more. The song gives me goosebumps.

It is moody and mellow without being dead. I am grooving along and enjoying it.

I also adore the lyrics that this band writes, and Daddy Issues is no exception. My favourite lyric in the entire song is so dark and beautiful but it is easy to visualise: 

I tried to write your name in the rain, but the rain never came so I made with the sun...”

It is haunting and the lyrics just have such honesty to it. Also Jesse’s voice on it speaks volumes without him belting it. There is such an emotional depth to the song.


Please be advised that this song is dirty and nasty and wrong, but it is all of these things in the best way possible.

  • Song:  Hands to Myself
Artist: Selena Gomez

My love for Selena very song dependent, but damn she is just so sexy and sultry with “Hands to Myself”. I am not sure if my love comes from the music video itself or the song but it is still so much fun. Selena has it going on! 

Bonus: Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez –

Charlie Puth is winning on his collaborations. What a really groovy and chill tune... 

  • Song:  Boys Like You
Artist: Who is Fancy ft Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande

I love how catchy this song is. Also the great thing about this track is how we now live in a age where a boy singing about loving another boy is not the end of his career. The unashamed use of male pronoun makes me happy. Also it helps that he got two vocal talents to help him out on the song.

  • Song:  Heaven
Artist: Troye Sivan ft Betty Who

This song has caused quite a few feelings for me mainly because it tackles that whole "gays are going to hell" rhetoric that has been constantly passed on for generations and constantly comes up whenever anything related to homosexuality is discussed. Props to Troye Sivan for giving a different angle on the song, because he speaks about the thought that maybe I don't want a place who doesn't want me as I am.

  • Song:  Jet Black Heart
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer

Credit has to go to 5 Seconds of Summer for putting this track together because this video is all about acceptance and that is something the world needs more of today. One of the reasons I love this song is because of the music video - which is how I discovered it. It rocks and it sends a pretty awesome message.

  • Song:  Wolfs Without Teeth
Artist: Of Monsters and Men

This one of my favourites from the album. I really can't believe that I get to see the band live in March!!!! ARGH! Of monsters and Men are a truly spectacular group whose lyrics make you think and who deliver truly idiosyncratic sounds.

Here is the official music video.

Bonus: Organs

The song is simplistic but still so damn complex and it highlights how lyrics can truly speak volumes. I am proud to say that I know this song off by heart. I almost cried the first time I heard it because I was coming off a break-up and this song spoke perfectly to how I was feeling about it.

Also her is the acoustic version which knocks my socks off. My friend, a fellow OMAM fan, showed me this lovely video:

  • Song:  Lightning
Artist: Little Mix

I went on a YouTube spree watching Little Mix perform live and damn! They can SING! Please do yourself a favour and go watch their Capitol FM performance of Black Magic...

Moving along, had to review the deluxe edition of their album for work, and damn! What a awesome pop album. I highly recommend getting it if you haven’t. One of my favourites from the album is “Lightning”. 

The power and the emotion in their voices astound me, what helps makes Little Mix all the more special is their talent for harmonising and how much love their care for each other. Sure it will be a matter of time until they split but hopefully that is still a bit off because they are getting better and better and gaining more acclaim – news which makes me happy.

  • Song:  Heading Home
Artist: Gryffin ft Joseph Salvat

Joseph Salvat is a artist that I can't seem to get enough of. There is some engaging about him and his music just really connects to me. Other songs I enjoy more than most, but his voice is interesting and his sound is different too. He sticks to what he likes while not being scared to mix it up, which is how I stumbled across this collaboration he did with a DJ.

  • Song:  Keep Your Head Up
Artist: Birdy

If I had not seen that this was Birdy with my own eyes, then I would not have believed someone if they told me this. This is a very unexpected song, but it works so damn well. I love the message behind the song too other than it's infectious beat and groovy sounds.

  • Song:  Blackout
Artist: TriTonal

This is one damn catchy song, I heard it first played on the radio I believe. It's completely bonkers, especially when the beat drops.

  • Song:  Beggin & Pleadin
Artist: Brandy

A colleague in the office was raving about this song, and I couldn't help but be interested. It comes from Brandy's newest TV show that she is working on, but that aside, this is such a different sound from her and it is something so very different. I was surprised but good on her for experimenting and doing something new.

  • Song:  Never Be Like You
Artist: Flume ft Kai

I discovered this on YouTube and it won me over. Damn. Talk about a hot tune! I have been murdering this song repeat for the past three days, and I can't even be bothered because it is just so damn good.

  • Song:  Hollow & Let It Go
Artist: Tori Kelly and James Bay (Grammy Performance)

Everyone was raving about their performance at the Grammy's and it is so completely understandable after hearing it. I do apologise because finding a good video for this has been hard as the Grammy's haven't posted the video to their performance so YouTube self-made ones will have to do. 

These are all the songs that I will give to you for now. There is no radio section only because I have been listening to the radio but some of the songs are already mentioned above.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below or even post links to it so I can give it a listen! 

I do hope you enjoy even one of these.

Theo. Over and Out.

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