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The Lion's Tunes #8

Welcome to another edition of The Lion’s Tunes.

At the suggestion of a close friend, I decided to put my love of music to good use.

She pointed out to me that since I love music and listen to so much of it, I should share what songs I’m currently jamming to at the moment.

If you follow me on twitter then you’d know I usually tweet about what music has got me all caught up and catching feelings.

I’m by no means a music expert and I won’t pretend to be. Most of what will be written here is information I’ve learned on the net and just my personal opinions on the songs. So have at it...

·         Song: Revelations
Artist: Lakota Silva
Album: Pop The Mixtape

I recently did a album review for this singer, that if the editors like will hopefully appear in one of the publications soon (but I will update everyone about that if it happens. That aside, I really fell in love with this song.I love how anthemic it is - it has a bit of that Santigold vibe and some reggae undertones, but this song is just so awesome.

"Attention, we're doing it well with our hands to the sky
and a story to tell,
Attention, we're doing it well with our hands to the sky."

·         Song: Howling (Ame Remix)
Artist: Howling

This song is not actually new. I came across this song because, honestly this will sound bad, it was on the Taken 3 soundtrack. Judge away. It is really just such a cool song. It might not be the last song that you would want to listen to before you die, but it got to me and I love the mellow vibe.

·         Song: To You (Radio Re-release)
Artist: Jack Ü ft Aluna George

The combo of Skrillex and Diplo has to my mind been a really awesome one. They have crafted really great music together with this project of Jack Ü that they have been working on and in keeping with their electronic music roots, this song is another solid banger. It has recently been released for radio. Their song with Justin Bieber "Where Are Ü Now?" has done really well on the charts, and the remix of a song they did before that which features Missy Elliot no less, while slipping by under the radar, is really one you should go give a listen to.

Additional Mention: Jack Ü - Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza) (Missy Elliott Remix)

·         Song: Runnin' (Lose It All)
Artist: Naughty Boy ft Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin.

One of the reasons I love this song is Beyoncé. Obviously.
Another reason why I love this is because of the ridiculously amazing music video. I was spellbound. Regardless of the fact that I think Naughty Boy is really great music producer and creates hit music like "La la la" with Sam Smith and "No One's Here To Sleep" with Bastille and etc...
This song is 50 shades of awesome with a inventive music video that makes me love it.

Shout out to Arrow Benjamin, who I have no clue who he is, because his voice on this song if perfection.

·         Song: Woke The Fuck Up
Artist: John Bellion

I came to know about John Bellion when I was researching for new music a couple of months back. I heard his song Luxury and it was really cool. Then when I discovered he collaborated with one of my favourite EDM artists, Zedd on "Beautiful Now", I was really amped. The cool thing about Jon is that he can SING but the dude prefers to rap. He is in the new generation of artists who rap/sing or sing/rap whichever they prefer. That said, this song is really just so honest, and struck a nerve because I know exactly that feeling he is singing about. 

·         Song: Hourglass 
Artist: Disclosure ft Lion Babe

I have been on a Disclosure tip lately, which is understandable given how they have been teasing their album "Caracal" (which is out now) by lately putting out videos for songs on the album. Other than the grooving Omen that they did with Sam Smith, this song with  Lion Babe, whose lead singer is actress-singer Vanessa William's daughter, really delivers. If you are liking what Disclosure are selling then definitely go visit their Youtube channel.

Additional Mention: Magnets ft Lorde.

Fire. Damn Lorde is definitely going for an adultier sound.

Additional Mention: Their "Caracal" minimix

·         Song: Tender 
Artist: Aramour

Another a slow jam goody.

·         Song: Hanging
Artist: Bastille

I love Bastille, and I am eagerly anticipating whatever they have coming up next. That aside, I saw that they released this song called Hanging. All I can say is that this definitely left me hanging like a cliffhanger, for some more Bastille.

·         Song: Thousand Eyes
Artist:  Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men are just phenomenal, I haven't been able to keep as up to date with the group as I would like given how busy my life gets and that I don't always have time to listen to all the music that I would like to listen to, but I saw this and when I pressed play, I was reminded why I love them. The goosebumps, the lyrics and oh my golly that instrumental that keeps building and building!!! Chils for days. I would very much encourage you to listen to more of their stuff if you can.

·         Song: The Beach
Artist: The Neighbourhood

I love The Neighbourhood. They are just so cool. Much like Of Monsters and Men, it’s been a while since I’ve heard band but boy am I so glad that I did because this song is just so stunning. Jessie’s voice is everything! I love this song. It’s smooth, and casual and just hard hitting.  Their music is something I would suggest you get high on, only because while I have never tried weed, the lead singer of the group is definitely on that tip. So if you're a stoner kid, or want to experience it without actually smoking weed, then the music of The Neighbourhood is for you.

·         Song: Fools
Artist: Troye Sivan

The South African born-Australian artist released his follow up EP WILD to his first musical effort TRXYE, and WILD is exactly how everyone reacted to the music. I included the first song from his latest EP in the previous music blog, and as part of his "Blue Neighbourhood" trilogy as he calls it, comes the second music video. Blue Neighbourhood is a music video trilogy that came out of Troy realising that three of the songs he wrote for the EP unintentionally fit together in a story narrative. Fools is the second video in that trilogy, and also one of my favourite songs on the EP. I connected with it so much. Also I did include this in my review of his EP here.

·         Song: Hurt Me

Another random Youtube find, and it gave me chills. There is just something about it I really feel.

·         Song: Writing's On the Wall
Artist: Sam Smith

I am a Sam Smith fan, he recently released his James Bond song for the upcoming movie, Spectre, unfortunately, many people are hating on the song, and his use of falsetto. I assume that is because of the other James Bond songs before and also because usually Sam Smith has a target market for a James Bond movie soundtrack it requires a singer to break out of that. I really like because I know how talented Smith is, I do hope though that given enough time, and the context of the movie, people will realise how good it is.

The Covers:

I came across these covers and I just had to share. I may not always included covers, but these are just so stunning. If you have any other covers that you think I should listen to then please recommend them to me.

·         Song: Let It Go
Artist: James Bae
Covered By: Hailee Steinfeld

In the last music blog post, I covered Hailee's debut single "I Love Me" and recently I came across this cover she did of a superb song. Her cover had me going like, "I need her and James to duet". There is no denying that this girl can sing. I hope she becomes successful because she is just so captivating and have a great voice. Btw...Yes, Hailee is the girl you saw in Pitch Perfect 2, True Grit, the awesome Begin Again, and etc...

·         Song: Drunk In Love
Artist: Beyonce
Duet By: Beyonce and Ed Sheeran

Love this version of it. It is just all kinds of fire. Yonce is definitely all on his mouth like liquor. It starts at the 22 minute mark.

· Song: Where are U Now?
Artist: Jack U ft Justin Bieber
Covered by: Pentatonix

They honestly just win at covers, also because they are a capella, it just makes them 500 times all the more awesome. Here is there recently released one, and also the OMI cheerleader one which is just pure fun!

Additional Mention: Cheerleader

Songs on the radio that I’m currently obsessed with –

1.   A Great Big World - Hold each other 

2.   Nick Jonas - Levels

3.    Nico and Vinz - That's How You Know

4.   Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean? (Acoustic)


5. DJ Kent - Don't Let Go

All tracks should be available on iTunes.

If you have any suggestions don’t be scared to let me know in the comments below.

PS - The right song will find you at the right time.

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