Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Lion's Tunes #9

Welcome to another edition of The Lion’s Tunes.

At the suggestion of a close friend, I decided to put my love of music to good use.

She pointed out to me that since I love music and listen to so much of it, I should share what songs I’m currently jamming to at the moment.

I was expecting this to be up sooner, especially given how very active I was over the October month. I had no idea where all of those emotions and opinions came from but hey, clearly I felt inspired and writing was the best way to get it out.

Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand. I have come across a lot of music while I will share below so I hope you enjoy.

I’m by no means a music expert and I won’t pretend to be. Most of what will be written here is information I’ve learned on the net and just my personal opinions on the songs.

I have been listening to a lot of local radio so today's is a mix of radio songs and tunes that I have discovered across the interweb.

So have at it...

·         Song: Soap
Artist: Melanie Martinez

This song is just fucking awesome. I love how fun, badass and so full of eccentric attitude that it is. I heard this first on local radio before I searched for it on youtube. It is just super cool. I groove for days on this song...and my grooving gets very grimey and nasty ;)

In all seriousness though, what I love about this is just how it also speaks back to parent's washing out your mouth with soap when you said something wrong (not that that happened to me because the weapon of choice when I misbehaved happen to be a belt). This song is just so cool.

What I love even more is that she sounds nearly identical to the record when performed live. Yassss.

I have no clue why I said "Yassss" I actually hate the word, but that is another blogpost for another day.

·         Song: WTF (Where They From)
Artist: Missy Elliot ft Pharrell Williams

She is back, and showing why we fell in love with her all those year ago. It is so nice to finally have another black female MC back on the scene. Nicki Minaj has been killing it but Missy is just that awesome and it feels awesome to have her back. Also this music video is fire! Excuse me while I'll try learning the words to this jam.

   Song: Till I Found
Artist: Josef Salvat

I  came across Josef Salvat after hearing his vocals on the Tourist "Holding On" song. His voice captured me and I wanted to discover if his other music was just as good. I went throguh some of his songs on youtube but couldn't help but become obsessed with "Till I Found You". Given that I am a romantic at heart, I love romance songs but there is something haunting about this song that just gives me chills. Also, it hurt that he is gorgeous to look at. Yummy.

   Song: Talk Me Down
Artist: Troye Sivan
Album: Blue Neighbourhood

It was to be expected that I would include the final song in the "Blue Neighbourhood" music video trilogy from Troye Sivan given that I have covered it before. What should be noted is that while the first two songs in the trilogy are from his "Wild" EP, the final song in the music video trilogy, "Talk Me Down" is actually the first single of his forthcoming album in December.

I have Youtube'd some of his live performance of songs from the forthcoming album, and boy does his album sound like it is goes to be a banger.

   Song: Never Forget You
Artist: Zara Larrson ft MNEK

This is the song that has my mother annoyed. It has her annoyed because it is the only damn song that whenever it plays, I sing it as loud as possible. I am just so  OBSESSED. I dance and dance and dance and just let the sick beat crash over me.

Firstly, the vocals of this song are on point.
Secondly, the beat is a monster.
Thirdly, If you aren't dancing to this then you must be dead.
Fourthly, the message is something I connected with deeply. We all have that one person we will never forget.

Also, another pair that when performed lived, just absolutely destroy it. #ThankTheMusicGods. Though I was bit worried when she first started, the worry turned out to be for nought.

   Song: Novocaine (Remix / Audio)
Artist: Fall Out Boy ft Uzi

I like Fall Out Boy, they are not on the list of groups that I obsess about, but they are just so awesome. They also are willing to mess around with their sound and let it be changed to make it work for other genres. No better example can be given than this version of their song Novocaine.

   Song: Dance Again
Artist: Black Coffee ft Nakhane Toure
Album: Pieces of Me

DJ Black Coffee recent won the ‘Breakthrough In Association with Mixcloud Award at the 2015 Ibiza DJ Awards which is a pretty big, but cooler than that, he also released one fucking amazing song from his new album "Pieces of Me". It is currently the biggest song in South Africa at the moment and once you hear it, you will understand why. It is just a really really great song.

   Song: In My Head
Artist: Galantis

I have been a fan of Galantis following the release of their song Runaway (You & I). While their song "Peanut Jelly" is currently soaring up the charts, I don't like it as much. However, regardless of that I still like their originality and how peculiar they are. Their latest offering "In my Head" is definitely proof of their craziness but also how they just love making music.

   Song: When We Were Young
Artist: Break D Law ft Matthew Gold  

Love love love this tune. Matthew Gold has always had a very unique voice and one distinct enough that you can pick it out when it plays on the radio. He just supplied his vocals to Break D Law for this track and I'm glad because it delivered quite the banger. This is a local track and it is doing very well on the 5FM charts. While initially I wasn't captured by the song, the more I heard it, the more I liked it.

   Song: Tripswitch
Artist: Nothing But Thieves

I love this song. I love the rocker vibe to it, it has a bit of that Muse thing going on which is hardly a bad thing. That aside, I just love the whole video of the song...also who doesn't love a guy pole dancing naked?? (it must have hurt quite a bit though). That aside, it is groovy and makes me want to air guitar which is a horrific sight to say the least.

   Song: Automatic
Artist: Zhu ft AlunaGeorge

I have been liking the stuff that Zhu has been putting out. He has a cool vibe about his stuff. I am not the biggest EDM fan but I really really love a good beat that I can dance to.

Additional Mention:

Song: To Ü 
Artist: Jack Ü ft AlunaGeorge

I seem to be on a AlunaGeorge vibe of sorts. Hahaha. Also I do love me some Jack Ü because I am all about that Skrillex and Diplo making love with their music :P

   Song: BURNITUP!
Artist: Janet Jackson ft Missy Elliot

My reaction to Ms Jackson's comeback has been varied. What I love about this next song is that it also features an artist I love, Miss Elliot. She was just pure awesome-sauce and I am really glad that she is also returning to music. I am really excited.

· Song: Stressed Out
Artist: Twenty One Pilots

I am all about that Twenty One Pilots vibe. They are hip hop but doing it on their own terms. It really is just them doing what they want and I love the deeper meaning that can be found in their lyrics. It's all about substance and you can hear it in every song that has such a clear message.

Additional Mention: Lane Boy


Florence + The Machine covers Skrillex and Diplo's "Where Are Ü Now"

I am including this cover by Florence and the Machine because she is just damn amazing. Some people may not like her style of singing but regardless I love it.

Theo.  Over and Out.

PS - Hope you enjoyed it. I didn't include a radio section because this was such a mix for me so yeah...

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