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The Lion’s Tunes #11

Welcome to another edition of The Lion’s Tunes.

At the suggestion of a close friend, I decided to put my love of music to good use.

She pointed out to me that since I love music and listen to so much of it, I should share what songs I’m currently jamming to at the moment.

If you follow me on twitter then you’d know I usually tweet about what music has got me all caught up and catching feelings. 

I’m by no means a music expert and I won’t pretend to be. Most of what will be written here is information I’ve learned on the net and just my personal opinions on the songs. So have at it... 
  • Song:  Dance Off
Artist: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis ft Idris Elba & Anderson Paak

This song is peculiar, but in the best way.

I love the fact that Macklemore can rap about serious subject matter that a majority of rapper shy away from while also not afraid to go silly and rap about something that has you scratching your head.

The song is catchy and funky and the more I hear this song, the more it grows on me. It rocks.

Also, I love that he got Idris Elba on the track, as in Idris Elba the actor. I was like “whhaaaattt?” But it works, and also points out how sexy the actor’s voice is. Interestingly, Idris does also release music but it is not something most people know the talented actor for.

  • Bonus: White Privilege

Again, Macklemore raps about stuff that most rappers wouldn’t and he does an excellent job while navigating the hot button issue of white privilege. Do give it a listen and decide what you think of the song. 

  • Song:  Close
  • Artist: Nick Jonas Ft Tove Lo

I saw Nick Jonas promoting the fact the he realsed a new song. Naturally my interest was piqued because Nick Jonas has managed to prove that he has the talent and capability to make really good music. Another reason why I wanted to hear this was because of Tove Lo. I have always had a special place for her after discovering her song "Out of Mind". She is just so cool and really talented.

Went to search for the song and found the music video. Damn. I love how the song speaks about when in relationship someone says "I need space".  In the song they sing:

"Space was just a word that was made up by someone who's afraid of getting close"

Also this music video too legit! Love it.

  • Song:  Dangerous Woman
Artist: Ariana Grande

My opinion on Ariana Grande hasn’t changed much. I still think that some of her songs are a hit and miss which is perfectly fine. She needs to find her own sound that works for her. She can sing that much is absolutely guaranteed. No one can deny her talent, but she has to find a groove that isn’t a Mariah Carey mini-me or just a fluffy pop star.
One of her newest songs does it for me because it is sultry and mature, but still keeps who Ariana is. What helps is that she expertly utilises her voice – knowing when to hold back and when to unleash that mammoth voice from her petite body.

I am obsessed with this song:

So just discovered the Acapella, and damn, this girl got a voice, while also not taking herself too seriously. She is funny:

Bonus: Be Alright

If “Dangerous Woman” isn’t for you then this might be more for you. This song is fun and cool and more upbeat, but I still prefer Dangerous Woman.

  • Song:  Devil Side
Artist: Foxes

I have heard a few songs by her, after being introduced to her after her banging collaboration with EDM DJ Zedd. There is something very earth-child about her music and it works for her.

But what makes Foxes interesting to me is that she really has quite the voice. Her music doesn’t always work for me but regardless, she is making waves. If you dig what she is about, definitely give more of her stuff a listen. 

There is something in her acoustic version that is missing from the studio track. I prefer this version.

  • Song:  No
Artist: Meghan Trianor

There is something very 2000’s about the newest song from Meghan Trainor.

The singer has dyed her hair and is now a brunette, assuming the forthcoming release of her second studio album.

I like it, very sassy and again highlighting ladies have every right to say no to a guy they are not interested in. I am also singing along to this song, despite the fact that no one is interested in me, but I digress.

This song is what Stacy Orrico should have released because if she did way back then, then maybe she would still have had a music career today and not just be a one hit/two-hit wonder.

  • Song:  Someone Who Can Dance
Artist: Icona Pop

I have always had a fondness so Icona Pop ever since their famed “I don’t care” which was a song that me and my friends were obsessed with for a while because it was just on fire.

Their tune is electric and not just in the sense that they make electronic music (see what I did there? Yeah, I will show myself out now).

Their song “Someone Who Can Dance” is a total banger for me. It also speaks back to that sometimes you just someone for a little fun and not to be serious with all the time. Hence why they are singing about wanting “someone who can dance, not someone I can talk to”.

So cool. 

  • Song:  Team
  • Artist: Iggy Azalea    
Iggy Azalea get's a lot of flak for not being a rapper. A lot this comes from rumours of ghost writers who write all of her songs and etc. Whether that is true or not, i don't know but what I do know is that while even her record company was hatting on this song, she released it any way.

That probably got her into a whole lot of trouble. but regardless, I really like thew tune and the beat.

Also the dancers are murdering this! They have the personality and the moves. 

  • Song:  Please Try
Artist: Ryki ft Aewon Wolf

When I first heard this song, I had no clue that it was a local tune. Meaning it is a South Africa original. There is just something very special about this song.  I immediately wanted everyone to hear this song, and force them to listen to it! My love for it increases every time I hear it.

I don’t know much about this artist but to my knowledge Ryki comes out of Durban, which is where a lot of hot local music is coming out of. I heard that Sketchy Bongo may have produced the beats for the song, whose also making a lot of waves in the local music industry.

  • Song:  Crybaby
Artist: Melanie Martinez

I loved her first single “Soap” which was an absolutely fun banger and creative way.

When I first heard of Melanie Martinez, I didn’t realise that she was a contestant on the American version of “The Voice”. I was surprised because as unfortunately as if the case, not too many of the people on The Voice have a career that exceed the borders of America. Sure the same can be said for American Idol contestants but they have at the least have had some global success with their music.

Anyway, Melanie Martinez has won me over with her originality. There is something so idiosyncratic about her, and in a saturated music landscape, that is always a good thing. I hope she goes on to bigger and better things. 

This song connected with me because I used to be “Crybaby” or at the least called one when I was in primary school. I was a very sensitive kid and so I cried fairly often. Everyone kept telling me to toughen up, which I did but all I still have that younger kid somewhere within the adult version of who I have become.


  • Song:  All Time Low
Artist: Jon Bellion

I find Jon Bellion to be a really talented guy, he has really good rap skills, but he can also sing.

He has such a sultry voice. His style might be a bit too rough for me but he is talented and I definitely enjoy the music he puts out. Maybe I just need to watch more interview of him to really get what he is about, but for now he falls in the Miley Cyrus category for me – makes good music, but not a fan of their image.

  • Song:  Work From Home
Artist: Fifth Harmony

Super catchy!! I have been rooting for Fifth Harmony ever since seeing them on XFactor in America. They were just such lovely girls who wanted to do their best. It has been cool that they have gone on to surpass the show and make it in the music industry. 

Kudos to Simon Cowell, who seems to have the magic touch when it comes to putting music groups together.

I hope that they don’t implode (like One Direction) before really hitting it big because if they are able to endure for long enough they can become the next Destiny’s Child.

Their song is really cool. It is pop music (which has become very lazy to write meaningful or even understandable song lyrics) but the song is totally fun.

  • Song:  AftershockArtist: Cash Cash
This music video really delivers a haunting and intense take on the song. But boy does it deliver the message. There is something very emotive and just really special about it. Please watch it for yourself, but be prepared to be hit in the feels.

  • Song: Audio Symphony (original mix)
Artist: Freshgang

Found this thumping track after hearing it on a local radio station, and I couldn't get the infectious drop and beat out of my head. I just wanna dance to it. Such a great song to lift up the mood to or even add to your gym playlist if you are looking for a great cardio song.

  • Song:  Take Off
Artist: Dirty Audio & WAO

Stumbled across this one after the one above. In the suggestions. That is all.

  • Song:  Grapevine 
Artist: Locnville

After spending 6 months in Los Angeles getting to know the music industry that side, and working under a new record deal that they signed, the twins Brian and Andrew Chaplin are back with a new song. They are back under the moniker “Locnville” after initially shortening to “LCNVL” which in all honesty is something that I am really glad for.

Anyway, they are back and in an interview, they recently said that their new single, much like most of their forthcoming album, is them returning to their roots but incorporating what they have learned over the years.
I am glad to hear that because as good as their later stuff was, it was their initial music which held something special for them to launch their career off of. 

  • Song:  Ngud' 
Artist: Kwesta ft Casper Nyovest.

This currently is the hottest track in the country, sampling a song with a really great beat but adding a local twist to it. There is something truly undeniably good and wonderful about the song. I haven’t gotten around to asking what the song means and is exactly about, but the music video does give some insight into that.

  • Remixes: Miguel ft Kasey Musgraves – “Waves”

Miguel’s song “Waves” was really massive and it was just so soulful.

This remix is just so cool. I love what Kasey Musgraves bring to this track and it totally changes the song but in a really awesome way! More people should hear this!

Additional: Years & Years ft Tove Lo – “Desire”

It was impossible to have not heard the tune “Desire” from Years & Years. It was everywhere.
I was a little surprised when I saw that a remix had been released featuring the lovely Tove Lo, who I adore, but after pressing play, I really liked what she brought to the song. It isn’t as different as what Kasey Musgraves brought to “Waves” but Tove Lo does her thing and adds a feminine perspective the song. It is still a hot tune!!

Theo. Over and Out

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