Friday, 6 March 2015

5 Reasons Women Must Watch Cricket World Cup

With the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup being hosted by Australia and New Zealand already underway, it is important we rally behind our boytjies and show some of that #ProteaFire. That being said, sometimes the time difference doesn’t encourage us to fully support our team, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made.

So in aid with making our match viewing a little more bearable, I’ve compiled of 5 reasons to watch the Cricket World Cup as the Proteas attempt to win the trophy for the first time:

  Picture: REUTERS/Vivek Prakash. 

1.       Gratuitous Ass Shots – It’s never really the cameramen’s intention but given how regularly players are running around trying to catch a ball, there are numerous occasions when players’ ass come into view. I say take advantage of that. Wicket keepers especially are always squatting waiting for the moment to catch the ball and so they most likely have the best asses on the field.  It would be a waste not to compare the hard work those men put into obtaining their lovely backsides; that being said, keep an eye out for Captain AB de Villiers who has a stunning toned derriere.

2.       The Touching – These boys really love touching each other whether it is a fist bump, a hug, jumping on one another or lifting each other off the ground, these boys certainly love touching each other and who doesn’t like a guy who’s not scared for male intimacy. Sometimes even if we’re lucky, there might even be a kiss on the temple or head so it’s best to play close attention in case this happens.

3.       The Fans – One might think that this is an odd reason for watching cricket but often it’s the memorable shots of people in the stadium that help make cricket easier to watch. Whether they be wearing silly hats, gone all out to show their support by plastering their entire body in the colour of their teams or just the colourful reactions of fans get caught on camera, it certainly does make for a fun viewing experience. Also since this is a cricket world cup and fans are bound to get caught up in the excitement, be alert in case of streakers.

4.       The Boys – We’ve all heard the saying, different strokes for different folks. Everybody’s taste is different and it is for that very reason why watching cricket is such a joy. There is an endless opportunity for girls, and boys, to perve over a wide variety of men. Whether you like you’re men tall, short, vanilla or dark chocolate the ICC World Cup will cater to your taste.

5.    It’s the right thing to do. Our boys have put in a lot of hard work and are eager to make us proud. Proteas Captain AB De Villiers said, “When we step onto the field, we want nothing more than to make our country proud. We know that we will be representing 60 million passionate South Africans when we head to New Zealand and Australia and having that support means the world to us.” 

With such heart and passion, it’s clear that our boys are ready to win the trophy and it would be such a disservice to them if we don’t show them how much we support them. 

Theo. Over and Out

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