Sunday, 12 July 2015

Temporary Model...

Recently I spent my time filming and recording interviews at SA Menswear Week, where there were hot models for days - that post is forthcoming btw.

It was pretty awesome being in that environment and getting to see what all goes into a fashion show.

However, I got to experience a role reversal when I finally got around to doing my own photo shoot with my awesome friend Chelsea Tobias.

I had been nagging for months to finally get my turn in front of the camera and after my nagging she let me get my way.

So without further ado:

Needless to say that I am of course really happy about how the pictures turned out.

She made me look like a bajillion times hotter than what I actually am so props to her for achieving the impossible.

Not to toot my own horn but I did feel very natural in front of the camera, and while I could claim that it’s just my natural quality.

I do think it’s because I have often had to be on the opposite side of the camera pleading with people to let me film them (for work purposes) and it can be really difficult when people are less than willing.

If someone is not comfortable in front of the camera, it is awfully easy to pick that up. 

Nonetheless, it was tonnes of fun. Everyone should do a photo shoot at least once...

Theo. Over and Out.

Edit: Thank you to Chelsea Tobias for giving me permission to use her photos.

If you want to find her stuff then here is the link:

Also know that she is busy studying a commerce degree so she may not have the time but if you ever want her to shoot for you then just ask. I am sure she won’t mind...much.

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